• Rokudou no Onna-tachi: Chapters 1 – 35

    August 14, 2020 by

    Author: Yuuji NakamuraDebut: June 23, 2016 Disclaimer: I own none of the images used. Rokudou no Onna-tachi is a school life and romantic comedy, written by Yuuji Nakamura. I randomly found this manga when I was looking for something new to read. I find it a bit funny that I came across this one and… Read more

  • Harley Quinn Season One – The Harley I always wanted

    August 11, 2020 by

    There will be Spoilers! Can I be honest here, this is the Harley Quinn that I always wanted. To my knowledge, Ms. Quinn  was created in the early 90s and has had quite the staying power for what I would consider a sidekick. I am not really sure where this version of Harley originated, it… Read more

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