So Much Fun – Took him long enough

Young Thug: So Much fun

The review will be about the recently released new young thug debut studio album. This is a rap/Hip hop album so if this is not a genre you prefer nothing in the post may pertain to you, but I will highlight what I feel are the best tracks if you want to give a listen.

Just how it is – Decent nothing special.

Sup Mate – Ok but I feel that the real take away is how they took what I think is another culture’s slang and will most likely have quite a few people who would never used the word “mate” in terms of bro, causing pretty funny awkward interactions.

Ecstasy – I am a little conflicted on this song because while I do think it is very good. The current version of the song is not the original when it first came out. The original didn’t have MGK on it, and was leagues better. Not saying that I do not like MGK he’s fine, its just that there was no point to him being on the track, like non at all. This song sounds like it would be played at some tribe type celebration. MGK on the track is not needed similar to the fact how taco bell has no point for mild hot sauce, like what is the point of that stuff, it taste like its afraid to burn your booty a little bit instead of giving the spice you want.

Hot – Its fine.

Light it Up – I did not like this song at first because the beat just doesn’t vibe and it is extremely repetitive. But low key this is a banger in the right setting.

Surf – Not need since hot is the better Gunna song.

Bad Bad Bad – The best song on the album, an I am willing to debate if needed. The way the beat starts always till its thumping to the end it never lets up. The course is slick as oil, and Lil baby who I don’t think is that good floats like a wondering lean infused bee sonically stinging my ears with pain I want.

Lil Baby – Return to shipper.

Whats the Move – Second be song on the album, starts to slow but once the beat pick up its a great ride til the end. And it has one of the more consistent Uzi features I’ve heard in a while.

I Bought Her – Dumbest song on the album, but it can stay only if it does provide a few laughs along the way.

Jumped out the window – No

I’m scared – Nice beat but its just filler.

Cartier Gucci Scarf – The better song with Lil Duke

Big Tipper – Third best song on the album, do y’all hear that beat. Smooth as heated chocolate from a chocolate fountain. And probably the only lil keed song I like.

Pussy – No

Circle of Bosses – Ok but kinda lack luster

Mannequin Challenge – Good but nothing special

Boy back – Good nav song, take that for what you will.

The London – Its the single, and posted at the end of the album for a reason

Rating – 7.5/10
Best and most consistent Young Thug album to date.

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