Futaba-san Chi no Kyoudai
Norio Tsukudani
Chapter 1-15

Before I start any discussion about this manga let me make clear what the main subject matter is. This manga is a romcom about a brother and sister… Yes you read that right although there is no direct incest, there are some extremely questionable scenes. If you are not of age I would advise reading when you are able to.

To start let me introduce the main characters which are a pair of twins named Otohiro (brother) and Neiko (sister) Futaba as seen on the cover image.This chapter absolutely sets the tone of what to expect with this image:

Who wouldn’t want her as a sister

Come on be honest haven’t we always wanted a sister that is so careless and “adorable.” No seriously this kind of teasing between siblings would definitely turn heads in public, but hey this manga is about a fetishized escapism experience about a pair of twins so I guess I’ll let it go. But as you can tell the sister is a bit of a bro-con which to the best of my knowledge is a sister that is sexually interested in the brother.

During the course of the read you find out that the sister knows about and reads the brother’s porn magazine collection, but that isn’t even the worst part, why are the magazine’s genre of brother sister stuff. This left me wondering if he was actually into it?? The twins go to the same elite school and turns out the abrasive brother actually cares quite a bit about his older sister (by seconds). He goes to explain that everybody praises her but she really works hard behind the scenes to earn what she has achieved. Then what happens next I chose not to show an image of was a bath scene and for some reason the parents ok’d this, like nothing is bound to happen between two horny teenagers..

Next you are introduced to a new character named Maiko Ninomiya who is friends with the older sister Neiko, but the funny thing is the way she was introduced which couldn’t have been worse for the brother for the fact they were caught in this pretty awkward scene on the roof of what I am guessing is the school. The brother somehow was blessed with the luck of Rito-sama (To Love Ru) and mounted his sister and this is what Maiko saw and became pretty creeped out. To be honest I probably should be a little creeped out by a lot of stuff in this manga but I laugh because why not, guess i’m a little creepy myself lol.

Turns out the brother dyed his hair blond, go figure right, had to give him the delinquent look. I think it looks kind of nice on him but thats just my two cents. His sister who is the student council prez of there school was not against the rebellious act and told him that she likes it.

Next the brother has a secret part time job and this is where you meet another side character whose name is Anii Ninomiya, and what do you know the brother isn’t just into his own sister because lowkey he wants to tenderize the tuna. Later the sister comes into the store and catches the young brother Oto-kun and Anii in a hard to explain situation, turns out the Anii is actually Maiko’s brother and they are twins.

I cropped the image to preserve you eyes

I’m sorry for the edited image but I didn’t want you to have to wash your eyes out. Because yes as you can tell Anii is actually a certified trap but hey i’m not judging. Turns out though that Anii’s transformation into a top of the line trap wasn’t entirely his fault. This is when the story hits a few real world issues with parenting, now i’m not going to argue for or against what comes next, Anii and Mai’s mother forced Anii when he was younger to dress femininely not because he wanted but simply because he looks more like a young girl. So in truth we the reader aren’t even sure if Anii’s true self is who he currently is. So apparently he just never grew out of the cross dressing, and we also discover that the sister may want to deepen their relationship??

Surprisingly caring

So we find out that the two sisters are apart of the school’s cheerleading squad/club, i’m not sure how it really works in Japan. And the brother Oto-kun is lowkey prevy stupid, he “mistakenly” grabbed the sister’s panties instead of his hankerchief. Seriously who carries a handkerchief that is so weird to me for some reason. Anyway for some reason he along with Anii decides to try to put the panties into the sisters locker and of course they get caught in the act, and as punishment they as in the cheerleaders make them be like there butler of some kind on a school trip. On the trip the brother cooks and the sister by this point in my opinion definitely wants to have sex with the brother. But after this “discovery” there is a pretty touching sequence between Oto and Neiko.

There is this really strange chapter that came out of nowhere where there the younger brother Oto-kun turns into a child. This chapter is definitely pushing the limits of what’s acceptable in society so I won’t spoil what happens to keep you interested.

Next Oto-kun breaks one of the sister’s bras and he decided to go bra shopping and buy one before she finds out and he tries to sneak it in to her dresser. To my surprise she the sister is very perceptive of her room to a kind of scary degree, after some dialogue this happens:

Something is wrong here?

Now i’m not going to bring up why she is showing her breast to her brother but what made me scratch my head was where are her nipples?? I have taken a few anatomy classes and I think something is off here.

Last Thoughts

This manga might be weird at first glance and is probably something you should read in your alone time because trust me from personal experience it’s going to be hard to explain your way out of some of the pages in this manga. But this story so far in my opinion has a sense of humor that is consistently good and caught me off guard a few times and the fanservice even though pretty excessive is usually welcomed. Also there is some really enduring scenes here and there, probably nothing you have never seen before but still it accomplishes what it sets out to do. I’m not sure if this manga is still alive, so this is my warning before reading, you may be about to start a cancelled-dead manga. 

Rating: 8/10

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