The Kids Are Coming – Great Debut I Need More

Tones and I: The kids Are Coming

Hello everyone, sorry it’s been awhile since I was able to post anything. 

Let’s get started, this is the debut extended play from Tones and I, who is an Australian pop artist. I heard this album a few weeks ago on spotify when I was checking out the new releases on that Friday. I remember when I saw the artist name and the album cover I jokingly thought who is this?, they must be a new artist because I’ve never heard of them. For those that don’t know I mostly frequent the pop and rap areas of music with a little rock and other stuff sprinkled in, so in my opinion I think or thought that I was pretty knowledgeable about the current pop scene. But as the Lord is my witness I was wrong because I was thoroughly surprised when I first played this. My first thought when the intro song was playing was where have you been Tones and I, I didn’t realize I needed you, but enough of that, let’s get into the track list.

The Kids Are Coming: First things first do y’all hear that funk in that baseline, talk about setting the mood for an intro track. This song touches on a few things such as how nobody wants to hear the kids and give them the time of day. How that older generation struggles to understand the youth, but little do they realize that there time is coming to an end. The youth will eventually rise to power and get rid of all that nonsensical stuff the older generation put in place, such as hopefully the 8 hour work day, come on, I can’t be the only one who thinks the 8 hour work day shouldn’t exist in the modern day. The song talks about how the older generation can’t seem to see why the youth lives the life that they do, and refuses to change perspective, and etc. It’s ok if you missed a few of the important ideas in the song because I know I did, the first few times I heard that bass kick in, I was just like whelp guess i’ll tune in later for the societal commentary because now it’s time to zone out.

Dance Monkey: Yes sing it you know you feel it in your soul, the way this song starts out is so groovy in a way. You can just hear the attitude as she starts. Then boom that baseline and melody kicks and the song simply just takes off. The beat to the song switches between the two, giving it something of a sweet and funky pop dynamic. But enough of that lets dive into the songs ideas. So I think there are two ways to interpret the lyrics to this song, one is that the person she is singing about that is dancing has enraptured the onlooker with what I am guessing is actual dance moves. Maybe something similar to if you were really interested in someone at a bar or club and you are intoxicated, so this heightened your sexual interest in someone. This would result in them appearing much more attractive when dancing than normally. Or she could be speaking of how the dancer is something akin to a puppet and that the person who is watching is telling the dancer to perform certain task similar to how you will see a performer and his monkey on the street or a carnival. Either way it doesn’t matter whether you get the message or not, because it doesn’t affect the enjoyment when listening.

Colourblind: This song is sooo sweet on the ears. It just slowly and deeply serenades the eardrum as the base thumps. I’m not going to lie, I am not much of an emotional person but when this song comes on it just sets the mood. This is a song you play when you take a super hot shower trying to wash away a hard day, whether this be losing a loved one or just not living the life you thought you would be living when you were younger. The song talks about someone staying on your mind, that which I am assuming came from some spontaneous event. It talks about summertime and going to raves but instead of being in that atmosphere the couple goes and enjoys a star filled night sky. This song is what love should be all about, kind of makes me yearn for a less technologically driven society

Johnny Run Away: This song is about a boy coming out and his experience with coming out to what I am guessing is his friends and family. It talks about the confusion such as the boy having innocent feelings for another young boy but not until he was older and he had similar feelings for the same sex did he realize he was homosexual. At the beginning of the song it speaks about how johnny’s dad gave him “Advice”, it’s a little hard to see what the point of the advice is because it mainly just him telling his son no, after Johnny thought a boy was cute. He explained to his son that he would be picked on, and the song essentially tells Johnny to run away but not literally, I think it may have something more to do with preparing yourself for what is to come. Overall I still enjoy the song quite a bit, I must confess I am heterosexual so I may be missing some important details of the song, but I think this does’t effect my enjoyment of it or the ideas covered.

Jimmy: This song is about the previously established character from the prior song Jimmy. In concept this song is pretty sad, it’s talks about how Jimmy has a really dysfunctional family life. Apparently he would run away so to speak from home at night to escape the hostile environment of his home, a home which also tells him he isn’t right. Seriously when you really think about how detrimental this is to a youth it’s kind of heart breaking, especially considering when parents act like this towards their kid, they aren’t doing anything but passing on generational trauma. Jimmy would come over after school sometimes and would dance and attempt to talk, but one day his mom came to get him and I’m assuming he didn’t want to go home, and he actually thought to run away, but he ended up doing so because the song continues with how Jimmy hasn’t been seen after that. SAD.

Never Seen the Rain: This song starts out with such a happy and wonderment filled beat to it. I’m going to be honest I really like Tones and I choice of production, it is so different. I love how she alternates between the funky pop to a lower tempo atmosphere driven style. But looking at the production of this particular song I think I like it so much is because parts of it reminds me of “Welcome to New York” by Taylor Swift, which I also really like. I think the message of this song is actually more so left up to interpretation than anything. I think what it is trying to convey is that you can’t really be sad because you haven’t really experienced something that is supposed to affect you in such a way. So because of that you should just enjoy the life that you are living while you can. But if you do get down on yourself it’s ok to ask for help. This is just my interpretation but I could be wrong.

Rating: 9/10

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