Burnout Paradise Remastered is the 2018 edition of burnout paradise that came out in 2008, a whole ten years in between releases. I never played the original when It came out or at least I think so, in 2008 I was in my last year of middle school and I’m pretty sure that I wasn’t super in video games at the time.

Opening title screen

The game starts out with a pretty decent opening cutscene that explains what you are doing and why you are doing said activities. The starting area to the game is called Paradise City, and in my opinion it is actually a really good looking city considering that this game is originally over a decade old. I guess the remaster did it’s job of giving a fresh coat of paint.

My starting license

From my experience in the game first you get a starting license as shown above, and then successfully complete activities such as racing, stunt jumps, causing property damage, etc. In all honesty I mostly enjoyed all the activities except the one activity where you have to reach a certain score in a time limit by doing things such as jumps, drifting, etc. By completing these activities you get an upgrade to your license, getting access to better cars, and harder activities.

First car is a beater with a heater

See that car above that was my baby at the start of the game, me and her went through some hard times. Especially during events like the one called marked man, where the other racers proceed to crash into you to total your car during a set time limit.

An event known as burning route was a way to upgrade your car. I did a few of these but the be honest the upgrade only applied to the car that you were specifically using and the upgrade wasn’t really worth it as the races were kind of difficult. They remedy this necessity to do these specific events by literally just handing you cars as you progress through the game.

Nice wreck visuals

The crash you see above came from my favorite activity known as take down, which is where you are supposed to make as many cars crash as possible. This activity is so high octane, maybe it was just me but it definitely got my adrenaline pumping every time. I think my personal record is 25 take downs.

Oh yeah I almost forgot to mention another way to unlock cars is by smashing into them during the open world. This type of chase in my opinion was always the most difficult activity to win, because your cpu opponent did not let up off the gas at all. More than half of the time was just trying to catch up to the opposing car, during this high speed chase you are pretty much a speeding bullet trying to aim at the target.

Final license

Ok final thoughts on the game. This game was much better than I went in anticipating. The activities are all supposed to be done as fast and reckless as possible giving you a surge of adrenaline as you barely miss oncoming traffic. The car selection is quite large so i’m sure there is a vehicle for any taste you have. I beat the main part of the game in about 8-10 hours, I didn’t do the dlc even though it was included in the game because I felt that I had my fill. This game is pretty cheap or free if you have EA origin on pc, has tons of play time and replay ability if you willing to engage in it.

Rating: 8/10

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